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Concrete Demolition with High Pressure Water Blasting

Kwame uses high pressure water jets to demolish and remove concrete without damaging the rebar. The method is mainly used to remove concrete from structures, such as dams, tunnels, turbine linings, bridges, parking decks, harbours and docks that are normally difficult to remove. The many advantages of this technique, water pressure, jet size and speed of application, makes it possible to remove concrete in a very precise and controlled way

This method is the best one to use for the following reasons:

  • direct impact of the water jet on the material
  • the porous nature of concrete - the high pressure water is forced into the tiny cavities and cracks within the concrete mass, causing it to fracture and split


  • SAFETY - minimises labour injuries as this method is automated;
  • remaining structures are not damaged
  • Does not remove sound concrete, while removing all broken concrete
  • when all damaged concrete is removed, the surface of the remaining sound concrete will be free of micro cracks and be rough and uneven to present a strong bond with the new concrete overlay;
  • concrete can be removed from below the reinforcement bars that remain intact and will also be cleaned of corrosive chlorides and debris by the water jet;
  • High Pressure Water Blasting is significantly faster compared to jackhammers;
  • High Pressure Water Blasting does not expose workers and structures to vibrations;
  • High Pressure Water Blasting does not create additional damage to adjacent structures;
  • High Pressure Water Blasting eliminates dust clouds forming;

Concrete Cleaning with High Pressure Water Blasting

Kwame uses only high quality, industry leading, positive displacement pumps. A wide range of high pressure/volume, water jetting and industrial cleaning combinations can be obtained and controlled by our experienced operators to ensure the most efficient cleaning speed is delivered.


Industrial Cleaning - Concrete Cleaning
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